Specialty Structural PRoducts
Specialty Structural Products, supplying your structural needs!

Specialty Structural Products provides residential and commercial builders with engineered, structural components, supported by trustworthy expertise and personal service.

We accomplish this through our ten core values:

1.To conduct business with integrity
2. To treat employees, customers, and suppliers with dignity and respect.
3. To do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it.
4. To offer competent, informed jobsite consutlation.
5. To practice "second-mile service" routinely
6. To be our customer's most knowledgeable and professional supplier.
7. To employ machinery and equipment that reduces manufacturing cost and enhances product quality.
8. To provide a safe, clean working environment.
9. To share the fruits of our success with employees and to help them persue personal success.
10. To achieve excellence in all our communication, actions, and results.

Specialty Structural Products is a subsidiary of The Builder's Partner, Griffin, Ga.